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Savings and Investments

At Richard Anderson & Co. Ltd. we have the integrity, the expertise and the product range to cover all levels of investments and savings needs.

The process starts from the first introduction where we assess our client’s attitude to risk, we seek to obtain a complete overview of their ambitions financially and the time frame involved in the proposed investment.

Savings either for a medium term or indeed for a longer term is a commitment, which requires financial discipline and on–going review of the portfolio involved.

As we go through life our financial requirements will change.  Whether it is saving for a holiday, buying a car, getting married, buying a house or building a rainy day fund, getting into the habit of saving regularly will ensure that you can achieve your goals, not matter what they are.  


The timeframe may be different in all cases but the fundamental concept remains the same, identify the need, create the habit and undertake the discipline.

Whether you are saving on a regular basis or have a lump sum to invest, we can help you select a suitable financial product that meets your savings and investment needs.

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